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River Turns

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painting of woman diving underwater

painting of woman in midstream

underwater painting of river in summer

underwater painting of woman swimming in a river

underwater painting of woman flowing downstream in a river

underwater painting of woman walking upstream

painting of woman underwater in moonlight

Day and night the river flows, in perpetual onward motion.  The water reaches the seas and oceans, then the clouds and rain, eventually finding its way back to the streams and rivers, in a constant cycling and recycling of energy, water, life.

 River Turns has been inspired in particular by a number of Tasmanian rivers – the beautiful Douglas, Apsley and Russell Rivers.  I have very much enjoyed spending time with these rivers, observing and experiencing the different colours, light, flow, moods, energy. It has also been exciting for me to explore beneath the surface of the rivers, as this has been new territory for me.

 The paintings give glimpses of the underlife of rivers, brief moments, fragments of the river’s journey. Through the series as a whole I have also sought to show a little more, to show something of the River of the river.

 In the words of the great poet Rumi:

 “the water has a Water that is driving it;

The spirit has a Spirit that is calling it.”



© Catherine Stringer 2010