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                         Corangamarah Art Prize 2018


I Dream of the Sea

has been selected as a finalist in the Corangamarah Art Prize





Maritime Art Prize 2018


Iron Pot Lighthouse Dress for Essie Margaret Roberts

has been selected as a finalist in the Maritime Art Prize

Essie Margaret Roberts was born at the Iron Pot Lighthouse in 1895.  She was the only child born at the lighthouse, which sits on a small island at the entrance to the River Derwent.

The dress has been made from seaweeds gathered from the Iron Pot area.


Mission to Seafarers 2018 

ANL Maritime Art Prize and Exhibition

 open from 5th 26th October, 2018

at the beautiful Heritage listed Mission to Seafarers building

 717 Flinders Street, Docklands

from 10am 10pm, daily.   



works can be purchased via Bluethumb













There are only two of the 28 Catherines remaining from the Neva Reliquary exhibition.

They are currently on view at the King Island Cultural Centre .




              Paintings may also be viewed and purchased via

                Saatchi Online (international) or

                Bluethumb (Australia only)


Catherine Stringer