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Dancers and Dreamers

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Opening speech by Karen Knight

painting of 3 girls underwater

painting of young girl with fabric underwater

painting of woman underwater with fabric

painting of woman dancing an arabesque underwater

painting of girls feet floating off the ground

painting of bending man underwater

paintings of figure underwater struggling agains the flow

painting of woman underwater

It is lovely to dance underwater, free and weightless.  But it can be difficult  to keep balance and direction.  There are currents and deeper waters to contend with.  And it is hard to learn the steps and work out which ones to take and when or whether they matter at all.   The dancer never really knows what is real, there is so much light and reflection, never knows how the dance appears from another perspective.  Clothing and fabric may help with the dance, but can also get in the way.  And ultimately everyone runs out of breath.



Catherine Stringer